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pmesh - one tool, one config, all your workflows

All-in-one solution for building, deploying, and observing modern web applications. Own your infrastructure.

Reverse proxy

SSL termination with automatically issued certificates, routing, rate-limiting, load balancing, GeoIP, URL signing and even queueing webhooks as messages, without sacrificing performance.

Service discovery

From your largest monolith to an anonymous function, discover the simplest way to register and interconnect all your services. Effortless routing lets every function, big or small, find its place in your ecosystem.

Build, execute, observe

Run your build pipeline where you serve your application, hotswap services with zero downtime, automatically scale NodeJS applications based on load, monitor health and resource usage, all with minimal setup, supporting a wide array of languages and frameworks.

Topology management

Manage any scale of infrastructure with ease. Assign local DNS names, form and connect clusters automatically, and establish gateways for effortless superclustering. Join your nodes with a simple pmesh join pmtp://... command - forget about hard-coded IPs, manual setups, and all the hassles of traditional infrastructure management.

Queue, publish, subscribe

With the embedded JetStream server, you have a powerful message queue system that can be used for event sourcing, communication between services, and even as a simple pub/sub system. Fast, reliable, easy to use and directly integrated with the rest of the platform.

KV and Object Storage

Utilize the integrated KV and Object Storage for a multifaceted approach to data management. Whether as a cache, database, or file storage, experience unparalleled flexibility.

Distributed, yet unified logging

Centralize your logs effortlessly. Enjoy automated rotation, compression, and the ability to tail, search, and stream logs with a single command. Enhanced with Ray ID for precise request tracing, streamline your log management like never before.